We create and strengthen
protective environments


What is a protective environment?

“A space where people come together to promote, demand and defend children’s rights. Under the principle of co-responsibility enshrined in the law, everyone in a protective environment must be prepared to prevent, detect and report any threat or violation against a child's life, integrity or development.”

Information taken from the International Organization for Migration, IOM


Entornos Project

Entornos is a project that works on prevention and promotion using a holistic approach, in which individual, family and institutional areas are strengthened among boys, girls, adolescents and youngsters (children and adolescents between 7 and 28 years of age).

We teach them life skills through sports, arts and culture to help them learn to make conscious and healthy decisions for themselves and for others.


Two projects,
one purpose

We have reached out to two communities to join them in the transformation of their territories.

Located in the north of Antioquia, Ituango is the first municipality where the Corporation began working in 2016. Like many municipalities in Colombia, it has suffered the scourge of violence and its consequences.

Ayapel is located on the banks of a large swamp internationally recognized as a Ramsar site for its importance to environment and the ecosystem of the region and the world.