We generate actions that promote
the appropriation of territories from
self-recognition and affection


Entornos Ituango project worked on prevention and promotion using a holistic approach in which children, adolescents and young people between 7 and 20 years of age were strengthened, while families and institutions where integrated in the process.

Using sports and artistic expressions within their culture as a vehicle, they strengthened their life skills so that they are able to make conscious and healthy decisions for themselves and for others.
In Ituango, a group of children, adolescents and youngsters received on-site support through weekly meetings and ultimate frisbee training sessions that helped them improve their life skills and character strengths.

We got their families or caregivers and teachers from downtown and Pío X suburb involved in order to promote the protective environment for the children, adolescents and youngsters.

Working on
improving life


Ayapel is located on the banks of a large swamp internationally recognized as a Ramsar site for its importance to environment and the ecosystem of the region and the world.
EnCausa Corporation teamed up with CorpoAyapel began a project called “Harmony for Cohabitation” in the Ayapel municipality. The project proposes series of interconnected of actions that allow its people to self-recognize, appropriate and value themselves and their territory, and therefore understand their own culture; consolidating themselves as a protective and environmentally sustainable environment. It has two areas:

Harmony for

  • “Scenarios” project which aims to strengthen the educational institution as the center for the development of the rural community.
  • “What are we?” project that uses culture and memory as tools for the people to find themselves aiming at the idea that ​​doing and living in conscience is the basis for a learning and transformation process.
Both projects are developed in the light of life skills and character strengths.

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