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Sponsor a Child

Become a sponsor for one or more children. Make a donation to buy supplies that the children need either for artistic activities or the sport they are practicing.

$ 10 USD      Monthly  

$ 120 USD     Yearly  

Monthly Subscription

Contribute monthly

This fixed monthly subscription will allow users to contribute and “forget” about doing it again, since they will be charged monthly. Here, for each amount of money that we make available for them to choose as a subscription, we will include a description of how many children are being impacted, what kind of materials EnCausa will be able to obtain, and food.

Donate once

& choose your cause

Allowing users to make a one-time donation and choose their cause (they can still choose to donate generally).

  • Donate for educational materials
  • Donate for art materials
  • Donate for sport
  • Donate for football
  • Donate for workshops
  • Donate to all the causes

Donate Your Time and Materials

Show us your capabilities

There are other ways to help EnCausa significantly without having to make a monetary donation.
There are many people with incredible talents who can contribute to EnCausa, whether it’s a communications expert who donates their time to help them or a photographer who teaches a photography workshop. Through this, you can donate your time and specialized skills to EnCausa.
If you have any extra material you wish to donate, EnCausa will give you the opportunity to do so. They accept books, clothes, or anything else that can be beneficial for the children and the corporacion in general.

Thank you for getting involved with EnCausa!

Register here so we can send you your donation certificate:

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