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Our purpose is to contribute to the transformation and strengthening of social fabric, to the protection of the environment, and to the construction of peace in the territories.


A municipality in Colombia located in the Paramillo the Paramillo Massif situated in the northern region of the
department of Antioquia. In its mountains, the lush environmental richness blends with crops of coffee, corn, beans, and sugarcane.

Ituango Environments

The Entornos Ituango project worked on prevention and promotion using a holistic approach in which children, adolescents, youth, their families, and teachers participated.

Through ultimate frisbee and artistic expressions as a vehicle, their life skills and character strengths were strengthened.

We work to improve their life skills.

Achievements and milestones:

Ultimate Frisbee

  • The Corporation has held 390 thematic meetings with various population groups.
  • The boys from Ituango have excelled in Ultimate Frisbee, participating in international tournaments and in the World Cup in Poland in 2022.
  • In addition, 7 young people from Ituango are part of the departmental Ultimate team and the Ituango team is currently regional champion.
Anlly Caterine Areiza
Participant Proyecto Entornos
"Not only have I improved physically but also mentally through the encounters."
Margaita Mora de Macías
Mother of participant Proyecto Entornos
"My daughter has improved a lot both in her studies and in the way she expresses herself."
Juan Camilo Valdés Zabala
Participant Proyecto Entornos
"I also learned to take responsibility for the consequences of my actions."
Teresita Jaramillo
Pedro Nel Ospina Educational Institution Teacher
"... to see how the adolescents gathered around a game, which made them respect differences and respect others. To see how they brought us teachers together to reflect on ourselves."
Oscar Barrera Suserquia
Environments Project Coach
"This project contributes a lot to the lives of each one of them because apart from the fact that there is a sporting process in which they are kept busy,... they work on life skills and this has led them to remain very united, to control situations where through dialogue they have been able to resolve conflicts and problems.
Lina Marcela Tangarife
Environments Project Psychologist
"What the corporation does is to promote the development of the self by means of life skills and the strengthening of these skills through sports offerings and psychosocial accompaniment."
Lina Marcela Tangarife
Environments Project Psychologist
"Ituango, I can say that in relation to these children and these families is not the same as in 2016, you have seen the change!"
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A municipality in Colombia located on the banks of a large swamp recognized internationally as a Ramsar site for its great environmental and ecosystemic relevance for the region and the world.


The “Harmony for Coexistence” project aimed to promote self-recognition, ownership, and appreciation of people and their territory, as well as to promote a deeper understanding of their culture and create a protective and environmentally sustainable environment.

The project focused on two areas:

“Scenarios”: a project to strengthen the role of educational institutions as centers of development for rural communities through teachers.
“What are We?”: a project that promoted self-discovery and conscious living as the basis for the learning and transformation process using culture and memory as tools.


Achievements and milestones:


Last year the National Museum took its Itinerant Art Collection Program to Ayapel with an exhibition in partnership with Encausa Corporation.
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